How to calculate eBay selling fees?

ebay calculates the final value fee based on what they call the "total sale amount" which includes shipping. Sales tax is also included in the "total sale amount". Generally, a percentage is multiplied against this, then a fixed fee is sometimes added on top. Details about eBay Fees and eBay Seller Fees

Why are eBay seller fees so high?

eBay seller fees are high because they need to be in order to cover the costs of running the site. eBay is a massive company with millions of users and billions of transactions. This costs a lot of money to maintain, and so eBay needs to charge fees in order to cover these costs.

Does eBay charge monthly fee for sellers?

eBay selling fees are paid on a monthly basis by all sellers. The fees that you pay depend on the number and type of listings you have posted, how many items you have sold, and whether you have purchased any optional advanced listing upgrades. You can pay your fees automatically, or using one-time payments. Many sellers find it convenient to set up an automatic payment method. Seller fees help keep eBay running.

Does eBay collect fees if the buyer doesn't pay?

Ebay will charge you the 10% final value fees for the item price plus shipping, the millisecond the item sells, invoiced monthly, whether the buyer pays you or not. You have to open either a Cancel Transaction or an Unpaid Item case to get your fees refunded if the buyer doesn't pay.