Where can I buy rare coins in South Africa?

The only place to buy and sell rare medallions & coins. The Scoin Shop is a retail division of The South African Gold Coin Exchange. It is the only retail chain of its kind in the world and is positioned both nationally and international ...show more

What was the first coin ever struck in South Africa?

The first South African coins struck, but were never put into circulation are the 1874 Fine and Coarse Beard Burgers Pond coins. South Africa’s first coin struck from gold mined in the Transvaal, the... How much is a 1899 Kruger Double Nine Pond Coin Worth? The Double 9, also called the 1899 Overstamp coin, was stamped on November 2nd 1899.

Are Mandela coins legal in Johannesburg?

Nevertheless, Mandela coins are legal, and selling is also legal. Hence, you shouldn’t have problems wanting to sell your Mandela coins to anyone in Johannesburg on Ananzi.

How old are Zar and South African coins?

All ZAR and SA coins are listed from 1874 to date and banknotes from 1921 to date. Laboratory CERTIFIED polished diamonds at WHOLESALE prices.