What is the bitcoin Wojak meme?

The meme, which features wojaks as central bankers cranking out an infinite supply of dollars, especially resonated with longtime Bitcoin believers who saw the intervention as further proof that monetary policy had spun out of control. There’s even a dedicated website.

What is Wojak (Wojak) token?

As it is a deflationary token, the value will gradually increase based on the number of transactions made. Therefore, the more Wojak tokens users hold and donate, the more reward they can expect.

Is Bobo the bear a crypto meme?

Like Wojak, Pepe is prone to evolving rapidly, with recent iterations seeing him reborn as Bobo the bear. Although not strictly a crypto meme, nothing describes the pain of hodling through a bear market like Harold’s iconic grimace. The non-player character (NPC) meme was used to pillory the left.

What is the rare Wojak collection NFT?

What is the Rare Wojak collection NFT? We plan to do a limited run of 4080 vectorized and randomly generated Wojaks with 85 traits. Fun! Each Wojak appears on iconic backgrounds, some computer generated, some by great artists. But wait there is moar!