How do I mine bee coins?

Joining the largest team of miners by using a popular referral code like fanng, to improve your return on mining (mining rate bonus). The second way to earn BEE coins currently as of (1/17/2021) is to use your mobile phone and to tap on mine. The Bee Network app will then start mining for 24 hours with no interruption on your phone.

What is bee coin (bee)?

This network rewards users with Bee coin when they log on the app daily. At the moment, there is no monetary value attached to the coin but there are plans to change that in the future. Amazingly, the Bee network has 7 million users in less than 4 months of existence.

What determines the supply of bee coin?

The number of network users determine the supply of Bee coin. When the network was first launched, the coin was mined at 1.6 Bee/hr. By the time the user base increased to 100,000, the mining rate halved to 0.8 Bee/hr. It further halved to 0.4 Bee/hr. at 1 million users (which is where we are now).

What is the Bee token and should you mine it?

Therefore, those who have a smartphone and stable internet access can benefit from mining Bee. However, currently, the Bee token has no value; therefore, those mining will be doing so with the hope that it will eventually gain value sometime in the future. Founders of this cryptocurrency anticipate that the value of Bee will grow in the future.